Odontos Dental Hospital and Odontos Academy Completes 10 Thousand Dental Implant Surgeries

Odontos Dental Hospital under the leadership of Dr Disha Singh and Dr Aman Singh completed a very important milestone of 10,000 dental implant surgeries. The first dental Implant at Odontos was done on 9th of October 2011. Almost 10 years laters Odontos has achieved a distinguished feat of 10 thousand dental implant surgeries.

The 10,000th Implant was done by Dr Disha Singh. She placed 4.0 x 11.5mm I-fix Dental implant for David Masih, our 70 year old young and handsome patient.

From the very first day it was dream of Dr Aman and which was carried forward by Dr Disha Singh, to make Implants affordable and predictable for patients. In 2011 the average cost for one implant used to be around Rs. 45000 which has over the time fallen to Rs. 15000 in last ten years. This can be attributed to very aggressive marketing followed by bulk procurement of implants by Odontos Group. This all was made possible by the awareness initiatives by Odontos Group in the last decade which eventually increased the demand hence cutting the cost. From no Indian implant manufacturer in India till 2015, we now have 3 Indian brands doing great business and making awesome implants. Odontos has always promoted Make in India and Indian Implants form the bulk of our practice.

Odontos is synonymous with Quality, Affordability and Predictability. We have unheard success rate of more than 93% in our Implant cases. Anything above 90% is considered exceptional.

Here you can see the 10,000th Implant Surgery, video with patient review.

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