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Green Toothbrush Distribution- Desh Bhagat Dental College and Indian Society of Periodontology initiative.

Desh Bhagat Dental College promotes eco-friendly oral hygiene with bamboo toothbrushes Dera Bassi, Punjab, India – August 18, 2023

Under the guidance of Dr Vikram Bali, Principal of Desh Bhagat Dental College and Dr Gagan Gupta and Dr Rajneesh Parimoo, the Post Graduate students of Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology organized a special event to distribute bamboo toothbrushes to patients. The event was planned by Indian Society of Periodontology and aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of using bamboo toothbrushes over plastic ones. Bamboo toothbrushes are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative that can help eliminate unnecessary plastic waste. By using a bamboo toothbrush, one can reduce plastic consumption and minimize their impact on the environment.

Bamboo toothbrushes are also free from toxins and plastics, making them a healthier option for oral hygiene. The natural bamboo bristles provide more comfort while brushing, as they are gentle yet effective at cleaning teeth and gums without damaging enamel or soft tissue³. The patients who received the bamboo toothbrushes were encouraged to leave their plastic brushes and use bamboo toothbrushes to save nature and prevent pollution. They were also educated about the proper way of disposing the bamboo toothbrushes after use, which is to compost them or throw them into the recycling bin. The event was a success and received positive feedback from the patients and the staff.

Dr Vikram Bali, Principal of Desh Bhagat Dental College, said, “We are proud to be part of this initiative by Indian Society of Periodontology. We believe that oral hygiene is not only important for personal health but also for environmental health. By switching to bamboo toothbrushes, we can make a difference in reducing plastic pollution and promoting eco-friendly practices.”

Dr Gagan Gupta and Dr Rajneesh Parimoo, who supervised the event, said, “We are happy to see the enthusiasm and interest of our students and patients in using bamboo toothbrushes. We hope that this event will inspire more people to adopt bamboo toothbrushes as their daily oral care routine. Bamboo toothbrushes are not only good for your teeth but also good for the planet.”

The event was supported by ISP. ISP is premier organisation which very often holds such events to educate people about oral hygiene and gum care.

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